About us

For 10 years we have been working in the chosen directions. We bring together towards the provision of services related to the production of clean energy from renewable sources, of which the main branches are:

  • preparation of funding
    • Phase measurement / design
    • profitability of the investment plan

First pristine course we were elected 10 years ago, it was consulting services in the wind energy sector. Starting with meteorological measurements, after the study of wind energy potential, layout design in the field along with the location of turbines and formal and legal arrangements at the stage of preparing to the funding ending.

We are able to install a  photovoltaic systems too, which may be on or off-grid. We evaluate the amount of useful energy at a given point, we select equipment and perform installations – power plants and small home installation.

As tools serves us the world’s leading equipment manufacturers; both in terms of measuring instruments and software. We also work with universities and research institutes in order to implement the most beneficial and effective technologies. Our measuring masts reach even 100 meters up to the sky. At work we also use the GIS method.

We employ experienced professionals whose knowledge and skills are supported by both directional higher studies and training industry which document the relevant certificates.

This, together with the following references on that we are a reliable partner that uses proven and the best technological solutions.

All the above makes as a reliable partner that uses proven and the best technological solutions.
Our competencies are supported by experience in the implementation of 10 projects of wind farms with a total installed capacity of 300MW, of which the first one since 2009, successfully produces electricity. While three more are in the phase of the investment.

Our interest is situated in implementing the projects on an industrial scale, and those for the purpose of prosumer.