Renewable energy sources on farms

Project “Renewable Energy Sources in agricultural holdings” – OZERISE is held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, co with the financial instrument LIFE + and the National Fund. The project is also  coordinated  by Renewable Energy Institute.

For project needs selected 10 agricultural holdings in which were installed electricity meters and heat on-line monitoring energy consumption. In addition, the monitoring devices were installed in the area of wind and insolation.

Based on energy consumption and atmospheric conditions will be prepared (based on calculators) suitable web-based selection of all kinds of micro-installations RES individually for each of the farms and households. Proper location of RES installations in the farm and the selection of appropriate technology has the greatest impact on their economic viability of the application (productivity). *

As one of the main contractors of the project aimed to explore the potential of renewable energy on farms and implement the relevant energy source we made a complete meteorological measurements, along with the development and interpretation of the results for 8 locations for utility solar energy and wind.